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Why Clodfelter Home Inspections?

  • Licensed and Insured.


  • 15 years in the construction & real estate industry.


  • Builder Experience-I've not only inspected homes, I've built them.



  • No extra charge for Saturday inspections.


  • Unbiased honesty and integrity.


Fees are based upon the size and age of the home, and are due

at the time of inspection.  No payments made at closing.

My pricing is among the most competitive in the area. 

Contact me now for a free quote.

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Pre-listing Inspections

Pre-Listing Inspections

Home Inspections aren’t just for buyers anymore.  In the last several years there has been a dramatic increase in the number one inspections performed for the seller rather than the buyer in the form of a “pre-listing” or Seller’s Inspection.


Why inspect before you list?

Before putting your house on the market, a consultation with a professional home inspector can yield significant benefits that helps you to:

  • Reduce lost sales

  • Increase the asking and/or final sales price

  • Reduce time on the market for the listing

  • Stop unreasonable requests of buyers

  • Disclose the information rather than repair or replace

  • Ensure proper disclosure and preventing post-closing litigation

  • Avoid costly delays and hidden surprises

  • Build trust with potential buyers by disclosing the report


Sellers’ inspections are beneficial for both the buyer and the seller.  This report is a comprehensive analysis of over 400 items in the home, and includes photos and technical illustrations to ensure clarity on all issues.



Purchase Inspections

Congratulations, you have a contract pending!  Now it’s time to get your possible future home inspected.  Why get it inspected?  It helps you to make an informed decision, as well as minimize your risk.  Which in turn allows you to purchase with confidence.


About the Inspection

There are many inspectors you may choose but when you hire me you get a detailed inspector with over 15 years of construction experience and will receive a comprehensive, easy to read report that’s generally within 24 hrs of the inspection to not delay your decision making.

I will enable you to make an informed decision by providing an unbiased evaluation of the home’s present physical condition.  The inspection includes structural and mechanical features listed in our general inspection report including but not limited to:


  • Structural Systems (roofing, walls, doors, ceilings,floors, fireplaces, windows, porches, decks, carports, etc.)

  • Electrical Systems (heating, cooling, ducts, vents, circuits, fixtures, etc.)

  • Plumbing Systems (drains, wastes, water heating, hydro-therapy equipment, water supply systems, etc.)

  • Appliances (dishwasher, food waste disposer, ranges, ovens, trash compactor, microwave, dryers, etc.)


For your records, visible defects or maintenance issues noted during the inspection are recorded in our report.  Additionally, the results of performed tests such as air-conditioners and built-in appliances are recorded and can be used as proof of operation for any home warranty claim in the future.

I strongly encourage my clients to attend the inspection and participate in the process.  I have learned that participation enhances my inspection service.  Being present allows you to receive immediate answers to questions and leave with a clear understanding of the report.  However, if you are unable to attend, my report is simple to read and complete with color pictures.

I will provide an unbiased, objective, and professional evaluation of the homes current condition based upon the North Carolina Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors.



New Construction Inspection

Building a house is both exciting and daunting.  The process from beginning to end requires many parties working together to achieve your end goal.  But it’s new, so why get it inspected in the first place?


The Thought Behind the New Construction Inspection

Throughout the years, we have seen a decline in the quality of new builds as the economy has recessed and fluctuated and builders have attempted to keep control over their budgets.  Now more than ever homeowners are experiencing higher repair costs within the first few years of living in their brand new home.  While many builders strive to build a good house, the dozens of subcontractors & trades in and out may not meet such high expectations.  Hire an unbiased, trained professional to oversee the construction process that serves one party alone: YOU!

Many purchasers of new construction houses mistakenly believe that buying a new home exonerates the need to have an inspection performed. But consider this – Unlike a used home, New Homes have not yet proven themselves.  They have never been lived in and put under a load.  Let's build it right.  I am licensed as a Home Inspector as well as a General Contractor.  My goal is  to work for you and with your builder to build your dream home!



Periodic Maintenance Inspections

This type of inspection is performed every 1 to 2 years to insure the health and safety of both your family and your home. These inspections can save you thousands of dollars.  They enable you to be aware of arising problems and take action before the costly damage is done.



Warranty Inspections

The warranty inspection is the buyer’s “last chance” inspection before the warranty expires.  Allow a professional inspector to create your laundry list of defects for warranty company to ensure nothing is missed on this important review.  Don’t fall into the common trap of thinking this is the only time to inspect- we have a long list of clients that went this route in the past and have seen it all: lack of builder response with reasonable warranty repair requests (after all, the builder moved this inventory and was paid a year ago – pre-closing they are still held financially hostage by the home buyer), construction crews making repairs with occupants in the home (versus correcting issues pre-closing when the house is still an actual construction site) and companies leaving the state or going out of business prior to the one year mark.  Why not avoid these headaches and inspect from the beginning?

I recommend having the inspection at the 11th month to create the warranty report- this gives you a month to contact, negotiate, and request repairs through the warranty program.



Radon Gas Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring colorless odorless gas.  It causes lung cancer and sometimes stomach cancer.  Exposure to radon gas in the home is responsible for an estimated 20,000 lung cancer deaths per year.  The only way to know if a home has radon gas is to have it tested.  Radon gas remediation cost averages about $1000 to $2500 so it is always a good idea to have the home tested before buying it.

Purchase Inspections
New Construction Inspections
Periodic Maintenance Inspections
Warrantee Inspections
Radon Gas Testing
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